World Travel Adapter with Power Bank and Dual USB Ports

Power Up in 150 Countries

The world's first travel adapter with a built-in power bank.

Europe, Australia, UK, & USA Plugs

Universal Adapter 150 Countries

Type A - USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan | Type I - Australia, Argentina, China, New Zealand

Type C, E, & F - Europe, South America, Asia Type G - UK, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore 

The World's Outlets

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Global Outlets Universal Adapter

Type A - USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan
Type B - 
A grounded version of Type A

Type C - Europe, South America, Asia, India
Type E -
France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Czechia
Type F -
 Europe, Russia, excluding the UK and Ireland
(Types C, E, and F are compatible)

Type G -
 UK, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore

Type I -
 Australia, Argentina, China, New Zealand


Type H - Israel
Type J -
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Rwanda
Type K -
Denmark, Greenland
Type L -
Italy, Chile

Type N - Brazil, South Africa

Type O - Thailand



Type D - India
Type M - India, South Africa