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Your Land & Go device travel kit will keep you connected throughout your entire European adventure.

All packed inside one convenient box.

International roaming is the most expensive option for your phone abroad. Staying connected is essential, but shouldn’t cost you more than the vacation itself. No longer worry about roaming charges or spending hours researching local SIM cards and how to buy one. Land & Go delivers a global SIM card and universal travel adapter to you before departure.

After five years of traveling full-time, we know the hassles of staying connected. Devices are a part of everyday life. Keeping your phone charged is essential to ensure your access to apps on the go.

Our Global SIM Card Coverage Map

In Europe, power outlets are not readily available. Using your US plan is expensive, and local SIM cards can be complicated. We gathered the best options that have made our lives easier and put them in one convenient box.

We deliver that box, our Land & Go Device Travel Kit, directly to you. From the comfort of your home, you can quickly and easily set up your global SIM card. Because it works in the USA, you can also make sure it works before you land abroad. The global SIM card works in the USA, 40 European countries, and 150 countries worldwide. 

Land & Go also includes a lightweight universal power adapter with an internal power bank capable of recharging most phones twice. We've also added an EU USB charger, high-quality leather SIM card wallet, and SIM adapter kit. 

If you are traveling abroad, it is best to ensure you have access to the tools you need to keep your device charged so you can stay connected.

Start your vacation with a soft landing

As avid travelers, we know the hassle of trying to stay connected.

“We just went on a 5-day family vacation to Venice, Italy. This was the easiest international SIM card that I have ever used. It took about 10 minutes at home to completely set it up, including adding a balance. We decided to add 10 Euros ($12) to see if it would last the whole trip. We selected the one Euro data plan that significantly lowered the per megabyte rate.

I had to re-engage my roaming after we landed, but otherwise, everything worked. We used our phones to research restaurants, find our way, post to social media, and send pictures to each other. We used the hotel WiFi at the hotel because it was free. My phone still has a $3 balance that will remain available for the next two years if I don't use the SIM card. I plan on using it next month when I go to Paris. I’ll never waste time searching for a local SIM again.”

- C.A. Walker, Alpha Tester

About Land & Go

Land & Go is a travel solution to make international arrival easier. As a brand of Black Mountain Brands, d.o.o., we are headquartered in Montenegro with US-based logistics in Chicago, IL.

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