Anyone can sign up for Refer a Friend to earn credit today!

Your Friend Will Get $15 Toward Their Device Travel Kit and you will Get $10 in Credits.

Use your link to refer a friend via email and social media.

Refer a Friend

Everyone you refer gets $15 in credit. Once they've finalized their purchase, you receive $10 in credit. There is no limit to the amount.

Refer a Friend

Share your link with friends to earn credits

Invite Your Friends

Invite Your Friends

Using your unique link, share your discount code with friends through email or social media.

Your Friend Buy

Your Friends Buy

Your friends can use your link to purchase their travel kit at a discounted price.

You Earn Credit

You Earn Credit

Every time a friend uses your link, you get a $10 credit sent straight to your account.




The more friends who join, the more credits you'll earn

Your account will receive a $10 credit every time one of your friends makes a purchase.

To ensure your account receives the credits, your friend must use your invite link, create a Land & Go account, and make a purchase that is not returned.

*Learn more about our Referral Terms of Services here

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